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ASP is a well-established town planning consultancy.

The aim of a planning consultancy should be to secure the best and most appropriate development for a site that meets the requirements of the client in a way that suitably respects the natural and technical constraints of a site and takes reasonable account of the views and opinions of others. The way to achieve this is through negotiation and consensus, not confrontation. The aim of ASP is to secure the best solution in every case and to provide the highest levels of service to achieve this aim.

We provide planning advice across a wide range of development types, over a considerable geographic area, for a range of clients in the public and private sectors. This includes residential and commercial developers, retailers, private landowners, local authorities, charities and smaller private clients. We work with clients from the planning appraisal stage (including advice on permitted development rights) through to the submission of applications and discharge of conditions thereafter. We also submit planning appeals (including appeals against enforcement notices) and lawful development certificates on behalf of clients. Where appropriate we are also involved in the promotion of clients’ sites through the local plan making process.

Wealden Local Plan Examination update
8th November 2019
The Planning Inspectorate (Pins) shared the findings of the examination (Stage 1) to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) on 25th October 2019 in accordance with the published protocol. Unfortunately, the findings had not been released by MHCLG before the pre-election period which started on 6 November. The Planning Inspectorate has published its approach to casework during the pre-election period and will not be issuing any letters regarding the soundness or legal compliance of local plans, or final reports (including for fact check), until after the election. Therefore Wealden District Council will not be receiving the findings until after the election.

12th February 2020
The news in January regarding the fate of the Local Plan was spread wide; the council had failed the duty to cooperate and in addition the plan was unsound because the Habitats Regulation Assessment that accompanied it was found to be ‘lacking in scientific credibility’. It would be fair to say, we think, that the outcome of the plan was a conclusion that few would have been surprised with. Indeed, the speed with which the council reacted to the news indicates that in all likelihood the council themselves had expected just such a result. The shame is that the manner in which sections of the council dealt with the plan not only made such an outcome inevitable, but cost both the council and the development industry dear in the years preceding the fall.

Latest Case Study

Weald Chase – Para 55

ASP were appointed in 2015 to provide planning advice in relation to proposals for an innovative dwelling located on a former quarry site in Cuckfield.