Cats Protection, a nationwide charity which owns a range of cattery sites, have been clients of ASP for some time. We have recently been involved in the search for a homing centre in the North London Area, initially providing advice on the policy position pertaining to a number of local authority areas to assist the commercial agents in defining their search criteria.

Once a preferred site had been established ASP approached Harrow Council for pre-application advice, which raised some concerns regarding the loss of employment use; a matter on which ASP liaised with the client and consultants in the preparation of information necessary for a planning application.

ASP submitted the application to Harrow Council and it was approved at committee, although for a temporary period as opposed to the permanent permission that was applied for.The lease arrangements for the site fell through, however, and ASP was instructed to submit an application for an alternative site.Representations ASP put forward regarding the unreasonableness of the temporary nature of the previous permission led to a committee approval of the alternative site on a permanent basis. ASP is continuing to work with the project team to compile the necessary condition information for submission to the local planning authority.